X – Fluides Oilfield Chemicals


X-CarrierProduct line of fully biodegradable carrier fluids, based on fatty acid ester. Please contact our Engineering
X-EmulsifiersProduct line of environmental friendly primary and secondary emulsifiers, based on blends of fatty acid
X-Rheology ModifiersProduct line of rheology modifiers for oil-based Mud.
X-Oilfield LubricantsProduct line of Lubricants for waterbased or olilbased mud. Blend on fatty ester, its derivatives, ester or fatty alcohol
X-Oilfield CleanersProduct line of environmental friendly Borehole Cleaners. Blend of complex agents, fatty alcohol sulfate
X-FoamersProduct line of environmental friendly foaming agents. Base: fatty alcohol sulphate, alkyl polyconside, fatty acid
X-DefoamerProduct line of defoaming agents, also for gas treating plants.
X-Pour Point DepressentsProduct line of pour point depressants, based on acrylic ester polymer in solvesso.
X-Corrosion InhibitorsProduct line of Corrosion inhibitors for crude oil and other refinery products.
X-Scale InhibitorScale inhibitor. Blend of posphonic acids and polymes



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