X-Fluide Antifreeze & Corrosioninhibitor

is used in vertically all kind of Coolingcurcits which have to be protected against temperature under freezing level. It provides prefect corrosionprotection on ferrous and non ferrous metals. It does not damage rubber or plastic and prevents deposits. It offers perfect protection also in systems with a slow velocity stream.


X-Fluide - CoolingLiquide & Corrosioninhibitor

Is an advanced up to date technology offering non toxic and high temperature resistant properties. It is used in vertically all open and closed cooling systems of the last generation. It offers perfect anticorrosion properties for all ferrous and non ferrous metals and prevents deposits even in slow velocity systems.

X-Fluide Corrosioninhibitor for Coolingsystems

Is a non toxic Corrosioninhibitor for vertically all closed Coolingsystems. It works on all ferrous and non ferrous metals. As a concentrate it will be mixed with water in a ratio 1:19. A special biocide prevents formation of bacteria. Perfect also for Calcium and Natriumcorid Coolingsystems. It creates a protective film with anode and cathode inhibitors resisting any galvanic attack. Even if X-Fluide Corrosioninhibitor for Coolingsystems is released from the circuit, a protection for 30 days and more will be achieved.


X-Fluide Corrosioninhibitor

Is an extremely inexpensive Anticorrosionproduct for sort term protection up to 90 days.
Perfect for storage or export application in protected environments like warehouses or containers.
Ideal use in dipping besins or for spraying application. It is easy to be removed with water and absolutely environmentally friendly.

X-Fluide Cooling & CuttingLub

Is a inexpensive and extremely efficient Cooling and Cuttinglubricant for vertically all metal processing machines, such as drilling-, milling-, turning, cutting- and grinding machines. As concentrate it will be mixed with water in a ratio up to 1:15, depending on the application.
Excellent results are achieved with steel, noun ferrous metals, alloys, casting and aluminium. Corrosioninhibitors are offering a protection against rust up to 30 days. It does not create any soup or gum and it is absolutely environmentally friendly. Perfect in sensitive environments like Off Shore.


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X-Fluide Bioblock

ist ein hochwirksames Biozid zur Bekämpflung von Bakterien und Algen in industriellen Wasserkreisläufen, wie z.B. Kühlwassersystemen.

X-Fluide CorrosionInhibitor for Fuel

Hochwirksamer Korrosionsschutz für Kraftstoffe, z.B. bei Notstromagregaten.
Verhindert Ablagerungen, Schaumbildung, Bakterienbildung. Reduziert CO.


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