ScanProtect Exterieur Wood Sealant

This is a 94% non-volatile highly penetrative wood sealant. Apply to exterior wood surfaces such as wooden roof shingles, log cabins, wood fences and decks. The product has excellent resistance to wood destroying organisms, such as fungus, mold and algae. Deep penetration properties keep wood from becoming brittle. A key property is resistance to water penetration and surface wood fiber loss. Properly applied material will not peel or crack. The product contains only 50 grams/liter of volatile material.

ScanProtect Interieur Wood Sealant

This is a quick drying easy to apply varnish which is available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes. The cured film has excellent scratch and mar resistance. The solvent composition is very mild, low odor and poses little health risk. Although designed for spray application, it has excellent brush and foam roller application properties. Primary use is for interior cabinets, wall trim, doors and furniture. Superior clarity and high humidity blush resistance produces excellent wood grain depth appearance. We recommend the satin finish for priming new wood

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