Dust Problem Killer

Is the "must have" for everyone with an ISO 14001 certification. Dust Problem Killer is a 100 % enviromentally friendly cleaning product. Made from water and oranges, it as effective as most toxic chemical cleaners.

Dust Problem Killer is available in three different formulas to cover a wide variety of applications:

  • Formula A: An all-around cleaner for glass,laboratory glass, floors, vehicles, etc.
  • Formula C: Designed specially to remove carbon, and is an ideal soot remover.
  • Formula G: Designed to remove grease stains and depots.Used to clean oil or grease contaminated engines, parts and engines rooms.
  • Dust Problem Killer Box: The convenient cleaning towel. It cleans effortless oil, grease and paintcontamination and is an absolutely "must have" for every service car.

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