FireX PaintIs an enviromentally friendly, fire retarding coating. It can be used on all surfaces like wood, paper, metal, fabrics, plastics for getting fire retardancy. If an combustible material burns, it is not the material itself, it is the gas being created in the burning process.

FireX Paint is preventing the creation of these compatible gases, making the treated material fire retardant. Perfect use on hangars, industrial plants, gas tanks, pipelines and virtually every building
X² Heavy Duty IndustryCoatingHigh Performance Coating for steel and concrete. Resistant against abrasion and aggressive fumes and spills as well as a large variety of chemicals. Product is self-priming!
X² SubseaHigh Performance Repair Coating for Subsea application or environments with high moisture. Excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and electric insulation (12000 V/mm).
X² EnergySaveSaves up to 25% of heating costs on buildings, by using the endothermal Effect. Heat will be reflected back into the room optimal distributed, also the relative humidity will be optimized at a value round 60%.



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