Polar Bonding Technology and how it works: A corrosion cell is like a tiny battery. It has an anode, cathode, electrolyte and a path of current. Eliminate any one of these „Corrosion Components“ and the corrosion process is interrupted. Until the development of CorrosionSTOP, nearly all corrosion inhibitors were designed to prevent corrosion by placing a thick film coating of oil, wax, paint, grease, etc. over the metal surface to separate it from the atmosphere. The problem with this approach is that since none of the „corrosion components” are eliminated, corrosion continues to grow, often under the film coating where it can't be seen until the problem becomes severe. CorrosionSTOP penetrates through existing corrosion and disrupts the corrosion process by eliminating two of the „corrosion components”. It displaces the electrolyte and leaves an ultra-thin dielectric barrier that blocks the path of current. Despite its high dielectric properties, CorrosionSTOP will not interfere with circuitry and can actually improve the performance of switches and circuit breakers.


CorrosionSTOP® is know as Best Available Technology (B.A.T.) on the world market, thanks to its Polar Bonding Technology. It is friendly to the environment, the human and the machine, not containing silicon and hardly any solvent. Corrosion Inhibitor: Perfect for treating export goods and sea cargo, long term storage application or treating internal parts of machinery, vehicles and industrial gears for a period up to 2 years and more. Lubricant: Great lubricant in corrosive environments and where heavy loads are found, it performs better than most specialized lubricants on applications such as bearings, chains, rails and hinges. Penetrant: Rusty bolts can be loosened in a few minutes, which eliminates the need to burn them off. Wet Protector: Water and moisture can not contact the metal. Leak currents are no longer a problem. Cleaner for Metal: Penetrates through oxides e.g. at electrical contacts, removes it and prevents new formation of oxides.

CorrosionSTOP (Heavy Duty)®

CorrosionSTOP Heavy Duty® provides ultra long-term protection against corrosion. Unlike CorrosionSTOP’s Fluid Thin Film (FTFC) technology, Heavy Duty provides a thick film coating that is even more resistant to moisture and the long-term effects of exposure to the elements. Applications: Long-term storage of vehicles, machinery and other equipment in military depots. Provides extreme duty protection to forklift chains, machinery inside salt and fertilizer plants, cranes, offshore installations, petroleum production equipment, power plants and drawbridges. The average lifespan of exposed steal cables can be extended by a factor 2.5 times or more.

CorrosionSTOP Aviation®

CorrosionSTOP Aviation® is specially formulated for the Aviation industry, and its use is strongly recommended by the leading airframe manufacturers, like Boeing. CorrosionSTOP, the only product of its kind to meet the US Military's stringent MIL-C81309E Type II qualification for use on aircraft. The US Army found that a corrosion prevention and control program utilizing CorrosionSTOP Aviation would save $70,000,000 US annually in aircraft refurbishment costs.

CorrosionSTOP High Voltage®

CorrosionSTOP High Voltage® Is a specialised formulation of CorrosionSTOP for electrical systems up to 50.000 Volt. It protects switch boards, telephone terminals, battery terminals, distributor systems, circuit breakers and maritime electronics against condensate, moisture and splashed water (Norm IP 54 and IP 64 for short term protection). Even saltwater damaged equipment can normally been repaired. A non-flammable Co2 propellant is used in CorrosionSTOP High Voltage Aerosols.

CorrosionSTOP Engine Oil®

CorrosionSTOP Engine Oil® Is our special oil for all diesel and petrol engines with a utilization lower than 10.000 km or 200 h a year. For sure it can also be used in high utilized engines, but this does not offer economical advantages. Using CorrosionSTOP Engine Oil, the oil film does not crack, even if the engine has not been used for a period of more than 2 years thus prevents corrosion and engine damages. CorrosionSTOP Engine Oil is available in common viscosities. Perfect for seasonal used equipment like ships, old-timers, motor homes, generators agriculture and construction machinery as well as military equipment.

CorrosionSTOP Low Friction Lub®

CorrosionSTOP Low Friction Lub® Is an ultra-high performance lubricant, with a coefficient of friction as low as 0.01. It also has outstanding anti-rust and corrosion properties. It can be used in temperatures up to 150°C. Perfect for heavy duty use on fast rotating bearings and chains with loads up to 40.000 PSI in industrial and commercial applications

CorrosionSTOP Grease®

CorrosionSTOP Grease® Is a ultra high performance grease, NLGI classification II, under heavy duty loads, perfect in corrosive environments. Typical applications are wind power plants, oil platforms, maritime application.

CorrosionSTOP Hydraulikoil®

CorrosionSTOP Hydraulic Oil® Is a high performance multi-grade hydraulic oil with best available anti corrosion properties and great abilities preventing gum inside the hydraulic circuit. Supersedes norm HVLP DIN 51524-3.

Low Friction Lub

Low Friction Lub is an unbelievable extreme-pressure lubricant with polar bonding capability. It is designed to lubricate metals under high pressure and high temperatures. It polar bonds to the metal surface - hugs like a magnet - and will not sling off. Low Friction Lub releases the surface tension of moisture, displaces it, and maintains a fantastic lubricating capability. It actually penetrates into sealed bearings, lubricates better than products with Teflon®, provides long-lasting heat-resistant lubrication, decreases wear, and extends the useful life of treated items. The coeficient of friction as low as 0.01, perfect for heavy duty use on fast rotating bearings and chains with loads up to 40,000 PSI.

Processing temperature from -50°C (-58°F) to +150°C (302°F).
Non-Toxic • Non-Carcinogenic • Non-Flammable
Application on: Baitcasting Fishing Reels - Gears, Bearings, Bushings, Level Winds, Skateboards, Bicycles, Chains, Roller Skates, Wheelchairs and other sports equipment operate smoother, quieter, with greater efficiency and last longer when treated with Low Friction Lub.
30 ml Application Bottle

CorrosionSTOP for Guns

CorrosionSTOP for Guns® Contains the same space age technology, the Polar Bonding, as CorrosionSTOP The only product you need for complete gun care. As a lubricant, it lasts longer and is more effective than Teflon-fortified (PTFE) products. It cleans better than cleaners and solvents. In addition, the FTFC coating significantly reduces fouling and protects firearms from rust even in the rain. Application: Its potent, high performance lubrication makes it ideal for automatic and semiautomatic weapons. No other protectant comes close for long-term weapon storage or for extreme duty applications such as those encountered by military Special Forces and waterfowl hunters.

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