ContaminationX – The High Tech Absorbent

A clean and healthy environment is our most valuable property. Therefore an international team of engineers and chemists have developed ContaminationX. Thanks to ContaminationX It is now possible to reduce the results of accidents and catastrophes with the most hazardous liquids, mankind has ever designed, to a minimum.

Here are the benefits:

  • 100 %, permanent bonding of hazardous, toxic and radioactive liquids.
  • No droping or leaking once absorbed, even after 10, 000 years.
  • High absorbant capability (up to 1:16) on land and water with minimal volumetric increase.
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous polymers, safe to use.
  • The flammability of fuels is reduced substantially, thus reducing the risk of fire.
  • Polymers capable of solidifying and stabilizing contamineted liquids with heavy metals.
  • Filtration systems for hydrocarbons and heavy metals in water are available.
  • Cost effective and easy to use technologies for total clean-up and disposal.

ContaminationX 620 Filtration Media

ContaminationX Filtration Media 620 is known as BAT ( Best Available Technology Today). This technology is able filtering hydrocarbons form water to an undetectable degree. This means less than one Part Ber Billion (PBB). No conventional filter can do more than one part per million. The effectiveness of ContaminationX is up to 40 times better than activated carbon and the operating costs are in average 30 % to 50 % less compared to activated carbon. Laboratory testing, by using gamma radiation has shown a predicted bonding time of more than 10, 000 years for captured hydrocarbons inside the ContaminationX Filtrations Media without any dropping or leaking. This product is needed in almost avery industrial application where oil needs to be separated from water. An other great application for our Filtration media is the cleaning of bilge water from ships or oil platforms.

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